Friday, January 22, 2010

I'll Get the Nine Cuz I Don't Know About the Internet

E-40 didn't know about the Internet back then, but I did. Let's take a trip:

circa 1990 - My fam installed Prodigy on the home computer, and my moms was chatting with her coworker over a modem. I was flabbergasted.

circa 1992 - The start of the message board era. People discussing hip-hop and sports online? It was awesome. It was pretty early when I knew not to catch feelings from total strangers. Someone badmouthed the Fab 5 and my brother got all pissed. He wrote a expletive-laden response and our account was banned.  This also birthed the hip-hop nerd.

circa 1995 - Got my first email address! I forgot the name, but I know the end was hahaha. Silverylining was my first email buddy!

circa 1996 - One name for yall: Patricia Ford. My [and I'm sure a host of others] first cyber-crush. Naked. Pictures took like 10 minutes to load and I took less to unload.

circa 1997 - My first mp3 downloaded - Hit Em Up by 2Pac. [Still don't know why this wasn't on the double-disc]

circa 1997 - The birth of my AOL SN - reegsta. And I'm still online!

circa 1998 - The birth of my eBay username - reegsta. Buy ish from me.

[Okay it the cyber-age just blew up expontientally in this era, so lets fast-forward.]

circa 2002 - Wrote my first blog. [Scroll down to when it says 'the reegsta's random ramblings'].

circa 2003 - Signed up for Friendster, and I wonder if its still in beta-mode.

circa 2007 - Late pass on Facebook, but I put my first status update up. "Regan is thinking about stuff to blog about."

circa 2008 - Got my first article published on Ploomy.

circa 2010 - I fought the urge to limit my cyber footprint, but now I'm on twitter. So just ignore this post here. Holler @reegstarr if you're on!

So yes, the whole point of this entry is to tell you to follow me like Uncle Kracker.  Don't fret my comment section is about to get overhauled, since the provider is going under.

Have a good weekend!