Wednesday, July 22, 2009

eBay Inbox, volume Summer of '09

Life is like a box of eBay emails, you never know what to expect. So here is another edition of my crazy bidders and their comments/questions/inquiries:

Dear reegsta,

i get paid on frii can u hold em till then

- 5719sarah

Dear reegsta,

it must have been a mix up i get paid this fri im sorry lol

- 5719sarah

Hey Sarah, it's not that funny. Show me the $$! It's been like 2 weeks since the auction ended. Grrrr.

Dear reegsta,

can u call me asap at 215 668 xxxx my name is brian cuz i wanna by the case only

- acura7885

Hey Mr. Integra, I'm not gonna call you ASAP just because you want an accessory! Sheesh.

Dear reegsta,

Hey i was wondering if you can do me a favour and cancel my bid if bidding get over $145 i do relize i put my maximum bid at 165 but I don't really want to pay that but if you decide you dont want to cancel my bid when it reaches $145 that is no problem to me i will still pay you what I owe you.

- markjk1441

Yo Mark, please use a period! and I read that like 5x and still am unsure what you're requesting. And you shouldn't tell the seller what your max bid is. *Shakes head*.

Dear reegsta,

Hey hows it going ? First id like to say you have some great J's and I was looking and you sell some straight up solid sneaks. The reason im emailing you is i am (or was) a collector for a few years and i have decided to sell whats left of my collection- I was hoping you could tell me have you been getting fair prices for your J's ? I am a size 12 so im not sure if thats a good selling size or not but I see you have much experience- Thanks David

- shipley954

Yo Shipley, I'm not auctioning off consultations. JP! I actually gave him a legit response. Game recognize game.

Dear reegsta,

Hi Good Morning Reegan,

Sorry for the late reply (again, lol) don't worry just been mad busy at the hospital, too much drama going on. But anyway, will e-mail you FULLY detailing everything including payment schedules etc later this week etc...


(Please don't think that just because I don't commuicate regularly, that we're OFF for the deal... it's not like that at all.... it's just that some weeks ARE real busy for me being a hospital warden on night shifts!)

Anyway, will touch down with you over the weekend again!

- nike-air-max-95_in_london

Dear reegsta,

I'll happily chuck-on an extra 100 buck so that you receive 400 dollars for the sneaks when I come to pay in about a month or two (well, actually, it'll be 450 including the shipping!).

What do you say? Are you down with that?

You ain't NEVER gonna get some-one paying you even 275 bucks, LET ALONE the crazy sky-high 450 i'm offering you. And that's ACTUALLY true.

It's the time dude... nothing else, just TIME.

It all depends on just how ''desperate'' you are for the cash, because if you can hold-on for until, say, August/Sept/Oct, then that's kool, i'll hit you up for the 450 via PayPal at that time in the future, but if you need the cash RIGHT NOW (and at the moment, I'm seriously out of a dime!) then you're gonna get people bidding for prices MUCH lower than even just 180/200 bucks which is pathetic given the rarity of these 1998 Desert Red's.

Are you ok to work with me on this please buddy?

Please let me know, thanks.

any questions?? ask away!!

- nike-air-max-95_in_london

Dear reegsta,

Yo Regan 'sup, thanks for your message a couple of days ago asking me to advise you on the payment situation for these 95's - sorry that it's taken me slightly longer than normal to respond back, ut I've been kinda busy and this is the one of the only chances today to actually just sit down for a sec to update you on what's goin' on...

To cut a long story short (I can FULLY explain my financial and personal circumstances in a seperate e-mail after this one if you REALLY want me to....?) I'm abit strapped for cash at the moment (what with the credit crunch and recession etc etc, it's hitting us very hard over here in London), so very politely ask you for a substantial payment time extension to come up with the money for these Desert Red's.

I mean, you know, when I say ''substantial'' i DO mean exactly that... kinda like, about a month or two.

Yeah,I know that might sound kinda crazy to you, but as s gesture of goodwill and as a kinda-like, you know, ''token of my appreciation''

- nike-air-max-95_in_london

Wow. This is probably the longest drawn out eBay message I've seen. I might feel sorry for your HS English teacher. Anyway he sounds legit and I'm giving him the benefit of a doubt, considering he has AIR-MAX-95 in his username and appreciates the rarity of the shoes he's bought. And if he's throwing on another c-note on there, then consider them reserved.

Dear reegsta,

hey there friend

i love those much you want for them to buy them right now?i give you 126$

- blakkheim25

Lol the funny thing is the current bid was at $125. and he's offering a dollar more. wow hold the presses. and mentioning we're friends won't get you a discount!

Dear reegsta,

Yo! Whats up man... I purchased some kicks from you in the past. You have some sweet listings but a little close to the first for me. Do you plan to relist if they dont sell? Sorry to see a savvy collector out the game... I feel alone in my shoe game, all the old school is getting out.

- dauniqueone

Dear reegsta,

Hey Home skillet! I thought these sold? I was going to bid when I mailed you but did not want you waiting for a week to get paid! I am watching some items now I dont know what to do.

- dauniqueone

Oh man I think I'd prefer friend moreso than "home skillet". Now I'ma a frying pan…yay. See, these dudes keep searching for advice. I think this dude just needs a hug.

Dear reegsta,

Hey, why are so many of your shoes in 10.5 and where
do you ship from I would like to buy two pairs.

- neazy2

Oh Neazy I don't know…maybe because that's the size I wear?! That's like asking why does Polo only sell Polo clothes.

Dear reegsta,

Yah thanks that'll workout. shoot me your email address. Again Im sorry moneys a little tight right now.

- djes11_916

This dude bid $240 for some kicks but backed out. You should've never bid on them if you don't have the loot! It worked out though, since I actually sold them higher the 2nd time around.

Dear reegsta,

Please cal me about your set of Pings. I have a few questions but I am ver interestd in buying them. I am a very honest and outgoing person and look forward to your call thank you. Ross Blankenship

- rossb03569f1

I'm glad your outgoing Ross. But this isn't a auction, it's an eBay one! And he low-balled me, so I eventually sold it to the highest bidder.

Dear reegsta,

Hello there Regan and hope all is well.

I already sent my payment. Kindly double box the shoes when you ship it out usps express mail. May I also request that it be declared as GIFT and valued at only $30 so I won't have to deal with exorbitant custom duties and taxes. I actually know the customs people in my city and since my uncle works as a customs police, they told me to have it declared that way so they won't have to charge me the taxes but only the minimum $20 tax.

Thanks a lot and looking forward to getting the tracking number. Have a nice day

- saviourfriendjesus

A guy with this username couldn't have been a fraud. He was based in the PI and I felt bad [for like 2 seconds] for selling a $300 pair of kicks over there. But how come every Filipino is connected to someone official? Like a mayor or in this case a post master.

Dear reegsta,

gibt es denn schuh auch in gr. 43,5 ?

- sweet_tlik_choclate

Ummmm yeah. I still don't know what that means.