Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ish I Love…and Hate

Nothing can ever be perfect, so here are some appreciations and their drawbacks pertinent to Reeg: - love how it organizes all my finances…hate how it reminds me I should be saving more
Travelling with a Golf Set - love to play while on vacay…hate lugging it around and paying extra for it
Coffee - love how it feels when it touches the lips…hate the subsequent coffee breath
Cereal - love the crunchiness and how I never can just have one bowl…hate how I have to scarf it down so it won't get soggy
Facebook - love how a lot of people I know are on it…hate how it's a time-murderer
Kicks - love that I still have 150ish pairs…hate that I still have 150ish pairs
Mexican Food - love the taste when I eat it…hate how my stomach reacts soon after
Photography - love how it can capture the moment…hate that I can't take decent pics
Online Chatting - love communicating with alternate methods…hate how it takes away the face-to-face interaction
Lauren London - love her natural beauty…hate that she got knocked up by Lil Wayne!