Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Prince has his [Shoe] Palace

How come no one told me a Nike Store was opening in my hood? Everytime I go to that mall, I'm like this place would be comprehensive if it only had a athletic footwear store. I even entertained the thought of opening a shop there. Shoot if they can sell hella cupcakes there then I can push kicks, no Lupe's Kick Push.

They're gonna have a concept section where you can create your own IDs. I think its time for a Prince of the Ville exclusive.

Well I'm just glad its just not a Nike Women's Store like the one they have in Paly. Its straight walking distance from the crib FTW! Howeve, E-ville's 8.75% tax rate is FTL.

If any RC'ers want to do a Sunday run and get a free gift and a chance to win a stack [aka $1000] worth of gear, holler back! OMG and there is also going to be a Running Man competition, word to Arnold. What other elements can you ask for?

Nike Store - Bay Street 411