Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Last Night I Went Grocery Shopping…

Seriously it seems like groceries hella increased in prices since when I started grocery shopping, like it follows the rate of education inflation rather than normal inflation! I spent about $70 on crap that only a couple years ago would cost no more than $50. And since my food habits are pretty elastic [meaning I’ll eat whatever, depending on the deal– I was an econ major after all], I tend to look for deals since there’s always crap on sale at the grocery store. I was hoping for my White Cranberry juice to be on sale but it wasn’t, so I just got my Coke Zero for example. I really wanted to get a rib-eye too, but ish was like $12 a lb! [ever wonder why pound is abbreviated “lb”? yeah me too] I try not to be kariput when buying food but damn, I just bought some rib-eyes for $7/lb a few months ago, so I opted for some pork loin chops for my pork chops that I haven’t made in awhile. Man I need to find an eBay of g-shopping or split Costco groceries with someone haha.

Then I was fiending for some ice cream ever since An Ugly Mind talked about it, and I was stoked to find my Dreyer’s Cookie Dough on sale for $4.99. But do you realize they’re only 1.5 quarts as opposed to 0.5 gallon now?? WTF? Has it been that long since I bought ice cream? Other brands do that too, but Dreyer’s is the lowest quality I’ll go. For some reason I hate store brands and Breyer’s Ice Cream, maybe since the latter totally jacked Dreyer’s, like anyone would confuse the two.

Produce and fruit seem more expensive too. I should just get this stuff at an Asian grocery store, they know how to maintain prices haha.

I have always been a judicious g-shopper though. Back in college Eric and I used to compete who could save more money @ the end, since you know they tabulate your savings at the bottom of your receipt, and I always won haha. I wouldn’t be a good contestant on SuperMarket Sweep.