Monday, July 28, 2008

I’m Not a Player I just Man Crush a Lot

Because I’m too secure in my sexuality, I’m able to drop this list. So these dudes I admire for their talents, stables, abilities and everything non-physical, so no Brad, Becks or TI here. This list tends to fluctuate month to month, but this is how it stands as I compose this.

1. Tiger Woods – If you didn’t think this dude would be on the list, then you really don’t know me. Dude is the most viscious golfer to ever play the game and probably one of the most mentally toughest dudes ever.

2. Kanye West – If I had a fraction of the swagger this dude has, it would be game over. But homie pours his soul into his music, both lyrically and sonically, and epitomizes dedication and perserverance. If you overlook his arrogance, he serves as an inspiration. I might name my first born Kanye.

3. Ne-Yo – This guy would be like Ichiro of the music world, since he makes hit after hit. I definitely can resonate with his subject matter and a lot of his songs pretty much convey my current state of mind. If he wasn’t on certain songs, I would hate them [Bust it Baby Pt II], but instead I straight **heart** them. No joke I have about 15 favorite Ne-Yo songs, and dude barely released two albums. He’s just a smooth fothermucker.

4. Justin Timberlake – Slander me all you want, but this guy reigns supreme. I mean of course I first disliked him after his cornrows era, but once he went solo he catapulted to another stratosphere. Who else can host the ESPY’s and the MTV Movie Awards with equal success and aplomb? Plus he plays golf. And this doesn’t even take into account the Jessica Biel factor, so he’s just not the token white guy on the list.

5. Clark Kent – Not the DJ, but the Superman. He's selfless and realizes his destiny, which is something that I need to find out. What really is my reason of being? I know we all have a purpose here, and I'm still searching.