Monday, July 28, 2008

From Run Club to Breakfast Club

A reegcap of the weekend:

- I don’t even know why I play poker still. I came in 11th place out of 11 people on Friday. But its cool, the next tournament is around the corner!
- Nice talking to you Tricia!
- Where was Dan?
- No matter how many times I watch Old School [it was on thrice on Friday], its still mad funny.
- I don’t know how I woke up on Saturday morning. Most likely it was due to the alarm
- Thanks Alan for coming to run, I never should’ve doubted you.
- At Mickey D’s: A Sausage Egg McMuffin = $3, A Sausage McMuffin = $1. Man at them Vietnamese restaurants an extra egg is only like $1 more. Oh yeah if you ever are constipated, a large Iced Coffee is instant poop.
- AMC Kabuki is now known as Sundance. I haven’t seen a flick here in about 10 years, and wow its pretty fresh. It has a balcony bar that leads to auditorium, and since its 21 and over, you can drink in there. And I did, but next time I gotta be sure I piss before watching a 165 minute movie. Since we starting drinking I swear I had to go during the opening credits, which kinda took away from the joy of the movie.
- But all good, since The Dark Knight was mad fresh. Time to go IMAX now though haha
- So from that movie going experience to the opposite end, as we ended up watching The Breakfast Club at Dolores Park lying on the ground amongst a throng of people. And I probably caught like 15 minutes of the actual flick since I was just seeing stars.
- Thanks Mark for driving, as your stick skills are never in doubt.
- I was kinda on one though. My mind has been working overtime and I needed to be at ease, so thanks Roland haha.
- A Super Al Pastor burrito at midnight isn’t really good for my diet. And I pounded that ish. But for real, I haven’t ordered my burrito super in a super long time. The beast in me just came out.
- I went to church on Sunday morning too, asking God to listen to me. Don’t ask me about the gospel and homily though. And I think I was still on one though.
- Buffalo meat is official for real. Its like 1/5 of the fat and calories and is way leaner than beef, and it tastes just as good. I wouldn’t have known the difference. So go to Bulls Head in West Portal yall.
- Note to self: don’t chow down too much if you have a football game afterward
- Took another L to Glory Days. Damn we gotta improve as a team.
- The 3 point contest round record holder at the Cage = yours truly. Step up and get defeated. But I also was last in the Free Throw contest, word to Bruce Bowen.
- Jake’s Steaks was pretty good though afterwards. No whiz though, since that only happens in the bathroom for me.
- Gerard has nice furniture.
- And finally back home and I still haven’t unpacked from my LA trip =(