Friday, July 25, 2008

Dancing Machines

**Spoiler Alert**

So after foodie last night, Jeff, Alan and myself frantically headed back to witness the final 5. And I can't say I'm cool with the outcome. Supreme Soul got Chris Daughtry’ed last night for real. While we’re on the subject, Fanny Pack would be Clay Aiken [obviously], and SoReal Cru would be Jasmine Trias and Carmela Whats-Her-Face. That leaves us with the Boogie Bots, who would probably be Blake the beatboxer, just look at the consonance. And then Super Cr3w would be hmmm….i guess they’d be Carrie Underwood, Katharine McPhee and Kelly Clarkson?

But honestly, the 2 best crews didn’t deserve to be there dancing for their lives, and I’m agreeing with Lil Mama without the New Era. My theory is people are regional. So when they see their hood in flashing lights they'll vote for them regardless. Maybe the show shouldn't promote that too much, since the dancers do enough of that anyway. SS and SC are from the smallest metropolitan areas [SF, LV vs. LA, HOU, and DC], so they didn’t get the love via voting. And people expect them to do well, so maybe they vote elsewhere. And these are cities vs. regions yall. All good though, and I wish I can return as a b-boy in my next lifetime. A straight b-boy for the record. Who gets mad play.

Shoe of the show: Air Jordan IV Laser white/red/black

Damn I think my comparisons are on point though haha.