Monday, December 20, 2010

Kufuya, Kufuya Roll Call

Where: Kufuya

When: December 16, 2010

Who: [starting clockwise] Reeg, Tiff, Nick, Dennis, Sarah, Sarah's BF, Trish, Amy, Dan, Annora, Mike, Jaxson, Rach, Mark, Anthony, Stephanie, Benjamin, Alan

What: Shabu Shabu

How Much: $30

So from Brazillian barbeque to Shabu Shabu, I guess the prevailing themes for year-end foodies is all you could eat! 2K10 was no different, as the crew headed to this establishment to celebrate the holiday in addition to having our gift exchange there.  Mike ended up the big winner [or is it big weiner? dadadum!]  But Shabu Shabu to me is Japanese comfort food.  Comfortable setting, good folks and ideal food considering the weather.

Out of all the Shabu^2 places I've been to, this spot is P&G's shampoo above the rest, as it is Head & Shoulders above the competition.  Okay fine, I've only been to like 2 other ones, and the broth and Gatorade and sauce at their price point [$23 per person and $6 for AYCE sushi, but we opted against that option] make this better than Shabu House or Shabuan or Shabba Ranks [just kidding! making sure you're still with me].  Plus it has Trish's co-sign, and once you get a Japanese person to approve it, then it's definitely legit.

This foodie also marked Benjamin's debut, sp welcome to the club lil B!

So not only did I enjoy a good dinner, I also won a preparty! As in 10 of Dan's K-Townphilly's for whenever I choose.  Too bad I didn't get Agent's Zero signed shoe.  Well it was an Adidas one anyway.  He better be open for Christmas mwhaha.