Friday, September 12, 2008

A Few thoughts Roaming in my Dome on a Friday Afternoon

- How come every time I see Mike Phelps there is either a Lil Wayne reference or Lil Wayne himself? Do you think they’re becoming BFFs? And for that SNL commercial Wayne had to be standing on like the NYC Yellow Pages or something, because I think I’m even taller than dude. Hmmm I wonder if Phelps handlers would’ve preferred him listening to the Jonas Brothers or something.

- Where did all these new age white chicks with the badonkadonks [sp?] come from? Not at Kim K's level, but then again no one really is. Walking around downtown on a nice day has its benefits, although today isn't one of them.

- Are floods back in or something? How come when I see dudes walk, I can see their socks? I mean when I get my pants tailored, I always request a slight break, but it seems like some dudes rock some extra long capris.

- So I'm playing golf tomorrow with my brother and his friends, who are single digit handicappers. Wait my brother isn't, since I'm alpha Tacorda golfer, but he'll get me once in awhile. So there's a chance I'ma get the copper medal in that foursome!

- I'm rocking a long sleeve polo shirt today instead of my usual button-up [or button-down] garb. Apparently its acceptable per HR, but I still try to only wear in on Fridays.

- Why are pea-coats for dudes only in either Black or Navy? And they look similar from afar? If I ever could find a short Brown one, I'd be all over it.

- How come I feel mad gross and lazy when its been 6 days since I've done anything physical activity? Before I used to feel like this after 6 weeks hahaha. Maybe I'll hit the gym tonight.

- How come it took me 3 days to put sheets on my bed? Okay granted the first night I just fell asleep on my sofa, but the next couple I just laid on my blanket and wrapped myself up like a lumpia. I got sheets on now ladies!

- 1 pair down, 49 more to go! Don't ask for any hooks unless you can get me a Navi system or a laptop or if I like you hahaha. So this is what I've been doing the past couple nights as these are the kicks I don't care about or have doubles of. Actually I had to pull a few back since I couldn't part with them. I mean I'm tryna pillage people initially so we'll see what the marketplace dictates. But at least I don't have Flight Club prices.

- Man its addictive selling stuff, so I can't blame those drug dealers lol. Naw jp, but simplifying your life starts in the closet. I wonder if my used Jordan shirts with yellow pits stains can fetch anything too. Its a free-for-all, but not really free.

- Hmmm I wonder if my dad would get upset if I sell my old golf set, since I don't think I would ever use it again. And Pings hold value [well, except Nick's] so I could get up to $400 for that set. I'll ask him, but he'll probably ask for the money since he gave them to me like 10 years ago haha.

- Aight 5K!