Friday, February 01, 2008

020108: The first blog of ’08? Can it really be...

Happy Friday yall!

So its been about a minute [well, 60 min * 24 hrs * 30 days ~ 43K min] since I last entered this realm, but I still have nothing significant to say. But here's a peek right of what's going on upstairs in that mind of mine:

- Damn January is already done, and it was the fastest/longest month ever. So I would like to shift all my resolutions to Feb 1st. Or to honor all my chinese comrades, I could even do a Chinese New Year resolution thingy. Then I'd include everything listed below and dim sum [ = dem some = then some?? Get it?]

- Oh yeah, I'm part of a new crew called the Dim Sum Kings. Holler if you want to be down. But it requires initiation of having it back to back meals.

- So last night I got dinner and drove home. There's train tracks nearby, so occasionally trains come through. The light just turned red since a train was approaching. And I swear it was the never-ending train. It had literally 100 cars attached to it. I was listening to Kanye's "Last Call," and if you're familiar with that track, you know its really long. And I finished the whole song. My food was getting cold too dammit. Anyway, so finally the train finished and the bars lift. But the light is still red, since cross traffic has to pass. Then all of a sudden, the freakin' bars descend again! You hear the "choo-choo" but I just wanna chew-chew on my food. Another train comes by seriously. I was at that stop light for 10 minutes when my complex was a stones throw away, and my BBQ ended up cold.

- The other day I went music shopping in Berkeley. It disheartens me when I peruse the used stuff and find classic joints in there. For example, I saw a "Paid in Full" album there and the Wu's first album. I mean was selling those cds for $2 or whatever worth sacrificing your hip-hop cred or the heartache that I experience when I saw them?

- So I was browsing NT's Music Forum, and there was a post called "How big is your music collection." I figure I might have 500 cds, some people have 2000 records or whatever. And dudes were like "I got 100GB of music, "I got 15K MP3s," "I got 4 iPods" and so forth. And it took like until the second page for someone to quantify their collection in actual tangible items! When I started to buy music, I read all the liner notes and production credits before I even listened to the CD. I guess I'm in the minority to see who they shout out. Times are different now. Well I guess if it were my pops, he'd say he got like 30 Reel-to-Reels and a few more 8 Tracks. The evolution of music technology I suppose.

- So I purchased J-Live's latest album from, as I have a gift card from there. A few days pass, and I get a package from Best Buy. I see it and go, "hmmm, seems pretty big just for one CD." I proceed to open it up and see that they sent me the vinyl! All 12" of it. Then I'm like "did I order the record instead?" I check my order, it clearly says CD and they don't even offer that format! How come when I order retro Nikes online, they can't send me the originals?

- So Heath Ledger is posted all over the news nowadays, and dude was the same age as me. What's crazy is that he still had his whole life in front of him. I'm not gonna make any Brokeback jokes, but I thought it would be cool if he was in the army, gained rank and would be called General Ledger [accounting joke alert!]

- So the other day I went snowboard boot shopping. Boarders love their Salomon boots, so I was checking those out. And I came across a pair that was slashed to $99 after having a retail price of $159. Then as I was rung up, the actual cost was only $71! Yeah, I don't know what type of discount they used either. But then afterwards, I was browing NT, and it looks ilke Nike is coming out with some Snow Forces! [I'm lazy to do the fancy formatting, so here's the linky: Should I wait? Hmmm….

- So NT used to be blocked @ work since I used to visit it too often. Now the URL is and its totally accessible now! haha take that IT people! [now watch it be blocked on come Monday.]

- Pet peeve alert: You know when a check is printed on a full sheet of paper, and the check is trifolded when mailed to you? Why can't they put one of the folds on the perforated part?! Grrrrrr. And when you try to detach it, its all janky-looking because the creases aren't consistent.

- Pet peeve alert pt II: You know when you record a season on your DVR, it defaults to record the standard definition when the high definition is available? As such, I had to watch all of the current Smallville episodes in SD, as I didn't even know it wasn't recording in HD.

- Pet peeve alert pt III: My television has 2 tuners, {2ners!], so if I want to record something, I can watch something else. However, on Wednesdays @ 10pm, someone [my girlfriend] had recorded "Cashmere Gangsters" or something and "Project Hallway" or something, so I ended up watching the former. Its basically a rehashed SITC suitable for network television. [I can't front, I kinda liked it. If I really wanted to, I could've just watched something on the bedroom TV, so I'm not really peeved boo!]

- is turning out to be one of my fav blogs. Check it out! Okay I can't front again, I have an article up in there too. So try to find it!